• Samantha Gades

God's idea of time is different than ours.

Time is such an odd thing. Our lives are dictated by time. And it’s merely a little clock clicking each second away. Do you ever wonder why God even created time? I do.

Our Engagement

It was March 9th, 2016, my birthday. My boyfriend planned on taking me out to a beautiful restaurant in the heart of Minneapolis. We ate some amazing food and then he said he wanted to take me to “our rooftop.” And for those who don’t know, “our rooftop” referred to a roof on the top of an apartment building in downtown Minneapolis. It was the place that we had a deep conversation and decided that we wanted to start pursuing each other. As the elevator projected up towards the 27th floor of the building, I could tell something was up. I swung open the door to the roof and immediately saw an isle made of flowers and candles leading to the edge of the roof where he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. It was romantic and absolutely unforgettable.

The reason I bring up that story is because the timing was everything. It was orchestrated so beautifully beyond what we both even know. We both got engaged against a lot of people’s advice and we even had a pair of friends that completely stopped associating with us. It literally killed us on the inside. We both felt that God was telling us “yes” while some people told us “no.” I remember how hard that was on us. Who should we be pleasing? Our friends or our Savior?

The Wedding

We got married six months later on October 1st, 2016. It was memorable, beautiful, and the best day ever. The sun was shining and the color of the leaves were unbelievable.

Just a short week after we tied the knot, my mother-in-law was diagnosed with stage two pancreatic cancer. After six months in the hospital battling that awful disease, she passed away. We were still freshly married but then had to start a long grieving process. Nothing that we either had imagined.

(Pictured: My husband, Jason, dancing with his mom, Debi, on our wedding day)

Yet, God’s timing was like none other. We felt such a hard “yes” when we were going to get engaged. At that time we had no idea why other than the fact that we loved each other. Little did we know that if we would have waited to get engaged just a few months later and pushed off our wedding, my mother-in-law would have never made it to our big day.

Although we have been through some intense first years of marriage we are so thankful that we listened to God. We are thankful that we trusted his timing even when it did not make sense.

The Takeaway

To sum all of this up, don’t ever underestimate God’s timing. In the moment it may seem that he isn’t anywhere near your situation. It may feel like you are completely alone in what you are going through. But take heart, God is already steps ahead of you. He already has it figured out and he just wants you to trust in him. That isn’t easy, but someday you will look back, just like I did, and realize that his timing is different. His timing completely shatters our idea of time.

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